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Bombay Comfort Clothing

Adria Specialty Soap: Scarlett's Garden

Adria Specialty Soap: Scarlett's Garden

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  • Bombay Specialty Soap, “The Soap that makes you want to wash your hands
  • Hand made soap.  Made in the great State of Maine
  • The Soap that truly makes you want to wash your hands
  • Soap comes in standard 5 ounce handmade bars
  • Soap gives lots of lather, making sure you your hands and/or body surface is very clean
  • Soap has natural moisturizer ingredients, leaving you hands and/or body surface refreshed, clean and great smelling
  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Doing no harm to the environment is always first and foremost, this is a core company philosophy.  Therefore all ingredients are natural
  • We do not use any animal fats nor Palm oil in the crafting of our soap. Not ever
  • Rather, we substitute the palm oil with organic butters such as Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, and leave the orangutans and the rain forest alone. This makes for a richer better soap.
  • Our soap is rich with organic oils and butters and leaves your skin feeling moisturized, clean and smelling great.
  • We make our soap in small batches with love.
  • Soap is handmade in Maine, New England’s jewel by the sea

 For a limited time offering if you buy 2 or more clothing items, you will get a free bar of soap !!

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