Help Us, Help Them

At Bombay Comfort Clothing we care deeply about animal welfare and rescue.  As part of our core value, we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to care for animals in need and not to turn a blind eye to that need.

As part of Bombay Comfort Clothing’s core mission, members of our senior team are all involved in animal rescue from all aspects, whether it be feeding feral cat colonies, to caring for elderly cats and dogs who have been abandoned to providing veterinarian medical care, safe housing, nutrition and nursing care for those animals in need

True to our core beliefs, at Bombay Comfort Clothing we provide a quality, very affordable clothing and specialty soap product line that is at a price everyone can afford.  Hence, Bombay Comfort Clothing is truly “A Brand for The People”.  

True to Bombay Comfort Clothing’s corporate mission, 10% of all net profits are donated to animal rescue, where we help oversee medical care, nutrition, nursing care, housing, and eventual adoption.

Key Animal Rescue Partners We Contribute to Include:

  • Beagle Freedom Project
  • For the Love of Dogs
  • Sulala Animal Rescue - Gaza Strip
  • Many Others Across the United States

At Bombay Comfort Clothing, our motto is that no animal is left behind. Our team is very committed to helping animals in need across the country and the world. 

By purchasing any products from Comfort Clothing, you are “Helping Us, Help Them” as we donate 10% of our net profits to all phases of animal rescue.